General Dentistry

General Dentistry

Preventive Oral Care in Yakima & Ellensburg, WA

We recommend visiting your dentist at least every 6 months for a dental exam to maintain excellent dental health. Seeing your dentist and dental hygienist regularly allows them to closely monitor your oral health, and prevent common diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease. Both of these conditions are the result on plaque on your teeth and gums, and regular cleanings are crucial for keeping your teeth plaque-free!

Dental Exams in Yakima & Ellensburg, WA

Dental exams are a very important part of your overall preventive health care and should be scheduled with us every 6 months. Avanta Dental has flexible scheduling at both of our offices and we will gladly work around your busy schedule.

During your dental exam, you can expect x-rays, dental cleaning and flossing, oral cancer screening, and a visual inspection.

Dental Fillings in Yakima & Ellensburg, WA

Good oral hygiene and dental exams are important for preventing cavities, but sometimes they do happen. Getting a cavity filled makes some patients nervous, but we make the process as stress-free and painless as possible.

We specialize in composite resin fillings, and are a Mercury-free practice. If you have fillings in your teeth, it is important to have them checked out in case they are in need of replacement.

Dental Crowns in Yakima & Ellensburg, WA

A dental crown, or cap, typically covers much of the tooth or the entire tooth and is made of gold alloy, stainless steel, composite resin, or porcelain. Certain circumstances may require a dental crown: these include root canals, fractured teeth, implants, and others.

Dental crowns typically last 10-20 years but are still susceptible to cavities and fractures, so be sure to practice good oral hygiene!